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As active fix and flip investors we’ve purchased numerous homes throughout the years from wholesalers all over the Valley.  What we typically find is that they sell properties with very little margin or supporting comparable sales.  Therefore, we look through hundreds of properties before we find one that meets our criteria of having comparable properties to support the price. At Phoenix Wholesale Homes we deliver properties that are truly below market.  Now, the definition of “below market” can be subjective. If you ask ten different investors you’ll get ten different answers. Here’s how we define “Below Market”:


1. Must have 3 “sold” comps that are within a one-mile radius of the subject property. The 3 comps must be within ~200 square feet +/- of the subject’s living space.
2. Subject property must be at least 20% below the average of the 3 sold comps.
It’s not easy to find these types of properties. We spend thousands of dollars on marketing and countless hours searching for deals that meet this criteria.


Where do these deals come from?

We are marketing specialist. Our arsenal of marketing strategies includes:

  • Bandit Signs
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Local Flyers
  • Other Guerrilla Strategies
  • Direct Mail to Absentee Owners, Divorce, Evictions, Free & Clear Properties, Probates, and Other Niches
  • Massive Internet Exposure
  • Vanity Number Franchisees
  • Direct Relationships With Banks & REO Agents

Instructions for Submitting an Offer:

Step #1: Complete the Contract Package

Step #2: Deposit Earnest Money Below

You must also deposit $2,500 of earnest money for your offer and contract to be complete.

Title Company To Be Determined by Chapawu Properties, LLC once we approve your contract with proof of funds or pre approval letter from hard money lender.

Unless your offer is all cash you’ll need to be approved with a hard money lender and submit proof of funds or approval letter with the offer. If you need hard money please click here request a quote.

To view a property, please contact the office at 210-405-1102 to make arrangements to obtain access.

Most of our properties are sold very quickly. We do however take backup contracts.

Because of the deep discounted prices we have negotiated on the properties we resell to investors and the small margins we work off of, we are unable to negotiate on the prices offered. We provide real values and discounted prices on the wholesale properties we offer.

We will be glad to refer any contractors, appraisers, attorneys, property managers, etc. if we are aware of any in the area of the property; however, you must interview them and make your own decision about relying on their information or services. We highly recommend getting detailed descriptions in writing with any vendor used.

Because we usually buy and sell many properties monthly it is extremely important for you to close on the anticipated closing date in your contract to avoid penalties.

We take each and every offer very seriously.

All offers are subject to prior sales and withdrawals.

Once you have completed the contract and addendum please fax them back to 210-405-1102.

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